Private Music Tuition

Private tuition is offered in Piano, Organ and Theory of Music. In all cases, a programme of teaching is provided according to the needs and wishes of the individual pupil.


Any age of student can be catered for, from very young to very old! Some students wish to pursue an examination-based course of study, and so are prepared for the grade examinations of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM). Others simply wish to learn to play for the sheer enjoyment of music, irrespective of their preferred style.

Piano tuition is normally given in Blurton, Stoke-on-Trent, but in some cases it may be possible to visit pupils in their own homes.


As with the piano, organ students are offered a course of study according to their needs - whether wishing to play the organ as instrument in its own right, or having been persuaded to take it up as there is no-one else to play it at church!

Tuition is given on the stunning three manual and pedals Binns (1899)/Walker (1972) pipe organ in Stoke Minster.

Theory and Aural Training

The theory of music is normally taught as appropriate alongside instrumental tuition (piano or organ). The same applies to aural training which to be most effective needs to be part of a pupil's regular programme of lessons. However, some students may have a specific requirement, such as the Grade 5 theory examination to allow them to enter the higher practical grades in another instrument. Likewise, some students taking practical examinations may need extra support for aural tests. Short courses can be arranged specifically for their needs. 

To enquire about private tuition, please telephone 07708 455607, use the online enquiry form, or e-mail